Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sculpture of Paintings

Sculpture Painting 1

Months ago, I walked into an art store and saw that they were selling small canvases and giving all the money to Haiti relief. So I bought some, put them on the floor of my studio and ignored them. Then I started to play with them using paint I had leftover from other projects. Then it came together, a study of lines, texture and secondary colours (orange, green, purple). I started with a thick black line or lines and worked around it/them. I worked with thined colours on one, then two, and finally up to eight of the canvases at a time. It took quite a few months. Finally, I had to figure out how they would all work together. Fortunately, some helpful chats with my teacher Tina Poplawski and classmates provided me with ideas and my basic hardware skills did the rest. Tina is encouraging me to use this as a starting point for many more. I plan to do so and have another set of small canvases sitting on the floor. Eight 8 X 10 inch canvases screwed together.

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