Saturday, September 3, 2011

Snow/fog/rain 3

Here are two more paintings from my spring glazing class. They were much more of a struggle than some of the earlier ones below, which came off without a hitch. These did not. Foggy building was one of the first ones I started in class, worked on it over the whole semester, but I only finished it well after the semester ended. 

I am getting closer to having enough for a show on the snow/fog/rain theme, but still need a few more - especially some big ones.

 Foggy building

Out on Yonge St. near St. Clair in March during a foggy rainfall. I absolutely adore the colours and sensation of being out at night in the fog or a windless snowfall. Well, that's the feeling, can't say that I am too happy about how I captured it. I think I will try again at some point, but not with the glazing approach. While I like the visual memories this picture brings me, I'm not too happy with it, but don't think I can take it any further. Size 12 by 12.

Bloor in the rain

Hard rain, dark sky, intense moving lights at street level. I was out taking pictures and at the time did not even notice the arcs around the lights. I thought there was a problem with the camera... But then I noticed it in other photos. Funny how I had never noticed it before I took my own photo. This one came along more easily than Foggy building but still took some time before the blur felt right. Make sure you squint your eyes when you look at it! Size 12 by 12.

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