Monday, October 24, 2011

Snow/fog/rain 4

Don Valley Parkway in the Rain

Everyone in Toronto has been stuck in traffic on the DVP. This past spring, there I was, in the pouring rain. It was a good opportunity to catch it on camera and among my shots, this one with a long curve is the image that resonated with me. Don't worry, I was not moving when I took my photos. I loved my experience of painting on grey fabric earlier this year. I was determined to do it again and try to keep more of the fabric showing than I did on my first one (see Saturday Spadina below). Usually for my paintings, there is a period where I lose hope that it will be any good and it's a question of perseverance. This is one of the few of my paintings that I liked from the outset. I think I have taken those moments of frustration, anxiety, even anger at being stuck in traffic and losing so much time, and transformed it into something haunting, reflective, even lovely. Size: one foot by four feet

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